Free Knitting Pattern – Sports Fan Hat

free knitting pattern for unisex knit hat with fold up ribbing and stripes

“Sports Fan Hat”, a free knitting pattern.

Son #3 loves to run.  No, make that LIVES to run!  He’s easy to spot in his favorite accoutrement for running: his funky, old, red-white-and-blue sweatband.  Kids from other schools come up to him, saying “Hey, you’re the dude with the headband!”


Son #3, last spring.

It’s fine for spring track (I suppose), but it certainly won’t do much for him on his long winter runs.  Not wanting to mess with the sweatband’s mojo, I co-opted its layout for a seasonally-appropriate version of his old favorite.

Sports Fan Hat, a free knitting pattern for an adult's ski hat.

He wore it all day! :)))

I gave it to him yesterday.  He was so happy with it that he wore it all day, inside and out.  Looks like it makes one darn good present!  So, here you go – an early Christmas present for you and all of your sports fans. :)  (See download link at end of post. The pattern even includes my tip for avoiding that pesky jog at the end of the round. )

Lately, he insists that blue – his school’s main color – MUST be on top; put the cross-town-rival’s red on the bottom!  Of course, your athlete’s, or athlete-watcher’s, colors, stripes and rivals may vary.  For that matter, feel free to use any combination of colors / stripes / motifs…or none at all.  Two 50g balls of Dale Garn’s MAGNIFICENT Hegre Aran-weight wool yarn make a wonderfully warm and cozy plain hat.  You’ll find Hegre  here in my shop.  Add as many balls, or remnants, in different colors as you’d like for your own, personal touch.  (I used 2x50g balls of off-white #0017, 1 of red #4018 and 1 of Norwegian blue #5744.)  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here’s the link for downloading your own, personal-use copy of the free pattern:

Sports Fan Hat PDF


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Free chart for "Thank You" cards or needlework

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Sagebrush Chullo

Earflap hat knitting pattern

Sagebrush Chullo, a new Fair Isle knitting design for an adult’s earflap hat, by Mary Ann Stephens.

That’s my new Sagebrush Chullo, knit in seven shades of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift fingering / jumper weight wool.  As I did with my old Polar Chullo design, I knit Sagebrush  at an extra warm and highly detailed gauge of 9 stitches/inch.  I added some textured/purl stitches here and there, for a little fun – but, they’re entirely optional…as are the pompoms…kind of…Oh, come on!  You NEED those pompoms!  ;)

The kit, which comes with 7 balls of Spindrift + the pattern (your choice – printed or PDF)  is available here.  The PDF is sold here.  Here’s the Sagebrush Chullo page on Ravelry.

Have fun!

Sagebrush Chullo Fair Isle knitting kit and knitting pattern

The usual suspect.

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New Dale Baby Ull colors for Fall 2015

new baby ull colors for 2015

The eight new Fall 2015 colors added to Dale Baby Ull, a fingering weight, 100% superwash merino yarn.

Dale Garn has added eight lovely new colors to their beloved Baby Ull line for Fall 2015.  Wow, this brings our count of different Baby Ull colors in stock at the moment to more than fifty – nice!  And, they’re all in stock and available at our perennially-discounted price.

dale baby ull colors added for fall 2015

Let me introduce them to you!  They are, from left to right:

#3820 Retro Red

#2835 Saffron

#2226 Golden Olive

#2235 Pale Yellow

#8222 Light Green

#5303 Light Lavender

#5305 Thistle

#5625 Soft Grey

I wish they’d just keep adding Baby Ull colors infinitely – the more, the merrier – I’d take ’em all!  But, I guess they like to keep things manageable. Darn!  So, while most of the Baby Ull colors remain unchanged, nine more of the older colors have been discontinued.  (And, we still have a few earlier, oldies-but-goodies on the shelf, too.)  All of the discontinued colors, ancient and recent, are designated by an asterisk* on our Kidsknits Baby Ull page, telling you that they’re endangered species, in limited supply. So, if you’ve been thinking of making something using any of those discontinued* shades, now is the time to swoop in and scoop them up!

Here’s last year’s Baby Ull color card, with the newly-discontinued colors marked with a “D”:

Baby Ull superwash merino yarn color card

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Dale Knitting Book Clearance Sale

Stop by my knitting book page and you’ll see new clearance prices on a great selection of older Dale gems.  Here’s just a glimpse:

Dale knitting book clearance sale

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Littlest hat, biggest honor

Infant's sunhat knitting kit sport or DK weight cotton yarn from PDF thru Ravelry.

Littlest Fisherman’s Hat in 3-6 month size, knit in Lerke merino+cotton DK weight yarn.

OMG!  Sometimes I get the sweetest reports back from my customers! I think today’s might top ’em all:

sweet dreams hat email

Isn’t it wonderful, what we can do with sticks and string?!

The pattern was originally written for sport weight Terne (newborn size) or DK weight Lerke (3-6 month size) kits, but this customer used my PDF with some stash worsted weight yarn to create her “Bigger Fisherman” toddler’s hat.  The Dale worsted weight yarns which you might use for a toddler-sized hat would be Freestyle (superwash wool) or Cotinga (merino+alpaca=tremendously soft, gorgeous stuff…but hand wash!)

Have fun…and sweet dreams!

Baby's sunhat knit in sport weight or DK cotton yarn from PDF thru Ravelry.

The Littlest Fisherman’s Hat, in Dale Garn “Terne” 100% cotton, 0-3 month size.

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Peace Sweater Motifs – old mistakes or loveable quirks?

Yesterday, I posted about two types of observations I’ve made regarding the Dale Peace sweater knitting pattern – Dale’s little glitches, which you’ll definitely want to correct, and my opinionated preferences, which you might want to consider. Today, I want to mention yet another type of observation I’ve made regarding the Peace design: an interesting quirk that doesn’t really fall into either of yesterday’s classifications. Today’s topic shows proof of the earnest nature of their hand knitting reproduction of the original, even while it raises questions regarding the process of bringing the designer’s original vision to market.

Look at the cuffs.  Now look at the collar.

Different knitting motifs on Dale Peace sweater pattern

Ever-so-slightly different motifs on the cuffs, versus collar, of the Dale “Peace” sweater design.

Below, I’ve charted out the main motifs from each section, and placed them side by side, for your inspection.  Notice anything just a wee bit different?

Dale Peace sweater motifs on cuffs and collar

One might be tempted, at first, to call the cuff motif that’s between the stars a mistake.  After all, if there is one design imperative that runs rampant through nearly every Norwegian knitting motif, it’s symmetry.  Like so many time-honored Norwegian knitting motifs, the stacked X’s on the collar are symmetrical both horizontally and vertically; the cuff motif …well, not so much.   Does that make it a mistake?  Not necessarily.  Maybe the designer liked the idea of changing things up, ever-so-slightly.  Maybe the cuff motif is a charming nod to the little stick figures we often see in all sorts of traditional folk knitting.  Or, yeah, I guess it could be a mistake.  But, if so, it’s NOT a hand knitting pattern mistake, it’s a ready-made factory mistake.  (Or not.)

Here are the google image results for the search “dale of norway peace sweater“.  You’ll see that very same, ever-so-slight motif difference in every ready-made Peace sweater, too. Was it designed that way, or is that a factory mistake that affected all ready-made sweaters and was carried over to the hand knitting pattern, too?  I doubt we’ll ever know for sure.  But it’s certainly interesting and it gives us reason to appreciate the attention given to the knitting pattern.  Someone clearly put a great deal of work into carefully copying the ready-made’s motifs.  And, hopefully, it opens the door for some of you to further consider what you’d like to keep, or change, in this, or, for that matter, any, knitting pattern.

Have fun!

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