Timbers Hat, updated

Timbers Hat in blue with Aran weight yarn

Timbers Hat, first released in 2006, now reworked in Jamieson’s Shetland Heather Aran yarn. Colors shown = Horizon (lighter)+ Cosmos (darker).

My Timbers Hat design, first released in 2006, has always been a favorite. The worsted weight Dale yarn I used for it originally was discontinued years ago, so I’ve upped my game, updated the pattern to my now-usual format and reworked it in some wonderful Jamieson’s Shetland Heather Aran for a slightly denser, warmer, more durable hat.  The plaited trim is a lot easier than it looks and only takes a few rows,  making it super-quick, along with the rest of the hat that’s knit at 19 stitches over 4″ / 10cm.  I love that, even with this relatively heavy weight gauge, I can still fit in some beloved, traditional Fair Isle / Norwegian motifs.  Bonus: It’s unisex, so it makes for some perfect gift knitting.  Hope you enjoy it!

Timbers Hat in Heather Aran blues on Mt. Lemmon

The usual suspect, sporting the updated Timbers Hat in Heather Aran, up on Mt. Lemmon, in Tucson, AZ.

The updated pdf is available for purchase at the same, old $5 price, on either my online shop or on Ravelry.  I also have the Jamieson’s Shetland Heather Aran yarn packs on my site, available here. The old pattern worked fine, no mistakes, didn’t need corrections, only a fresh, and currently available, look. If you already purchased your Timbers Hat on Ravelry any time since 2006, I’ve already sent out Ravelry notices offering you the chance to download the updated version.  If you bought it directly from me and would like the updated version, just message me, letting me know the email you would have used for your order, along with the approximate date of purchase, and it’s all yours.

Happy Quick Knitting!


Mary Ann


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