New site, new home, same old TwoStrands

Hi Knitters!

It’s been a while! We moved over the summer – all the way from New York to Arizona! We knew it would take a while, not only to get to AZ, but to get settled in, too. Knowing my old retail site was in desperate need of a makeover, we shut it down before we left.

I’ve started a new retail knitting site, (catchy name, no?) As of now, it sells downloadable pdfs for several of my designs (which you can still also get here on Ravelry) and yarn packs for my Jamieson’s Shetland wool projects. Eventually, I hope to have all of my pdfs there (including a few free ones and, of course, new ones as they come along) and to have more projects in other yarns. It’s a work in progress, but if you get a chance to take a peek, let me know what you think.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer (or winter) and that there’s joy and contentment growing on your needles!

Happy knitting,

Mary Ann, aka “TwoStrands”


About twostrands

Traditional knitting with a colorful twist. Website =
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