Riverside Cowl

My “Riverside Cowl” – knit in Dale of Norway Royal Alpakka yarn.  Fair Isle and garter stitch on the outside, solid stockinette stitch on the lining, luxurious warmth all over.  The kit is available through my on-line store, Kidsknits.com.  It includes either a printed or emailed knitting pattern and 4 x 50g balls of the discounted Royal Alpakka yarn in any 3 shades your heart desires.  And, if you’d rather have some stash-diving fun, the PDF is available through Ravelry, right over here.

Riverside Cowl knit in Dale Alpakka

Riverside Cowl, by Mary Ann Stephens.  Knit in Dale of Norway Royal Alpakka 100% alpaca yarn.  Kit available through designer’s on-line store, http://www.kidsknits.com.  PDF available through Ravelry.

Riverside Cowl, a Fair Isle knitting design in Dale of Norway Royal Alpakka, 100% alpaca yarn, available through the designer's retail website, kidsknits.com.

No sewing, no cutting, no long floats = great project for novice stranded knitters and beyond.



About twostrands

Traditional knitting with a colorful twist. Website = MaryAnnStephens.com.
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