Free Knitting Pattern – Sports Fan Hat

free knitting pattern for unisex knit hat with fold up ribbing and stripes

“Sports Fan Hat”, a free knitting pattern.

Son #3 loves to run.  No, make that LIVES to run!  He’s easy to spot in his favorite accoutrement for running: his funky, old, red-white-and-blue sweatband.  Kids from other schools come up to him, saying “Hey, you’re the dude with the headband!”


Son #3, last spring.

It’s fine for spring track (I suppose), but it certainly won’t do much for him on his long winter runs.  Not wanting to mess with the sweatband’s mojo, I co-opted its layout for a seasonally-appropriate version of his old favorite.

Sports Fan Hat, a free knitting pattern for an adult's ski hat.

He wore it all day! :)))

I gave it to him yesterday.  He was so happy with it that he wore it all day, inside and out.  Looks like it makes one darn good present!  So, here you go – an early Christmas present for you and all of your sports fans. 🙂  (See download link at end of post. The pattern even includes my tip for avoiding that pesky jog at the end of the round. )

Lately, he insists that blue – his school’s main color – MUST be on top; put the cross-town-rival’s red on the bottom!  Of course, your athlete’s, or athlete-watcher’s, colors, stripes and rivals may vary.  For that matter, feel free to use any combination of colors / stripes / motifs…or none at all.  Two 50g balls of Dale Garn’s MAGNIFICENT Hegre Aran-weight wool yarn make a wonderfully warm and cozy plain hat.  You’ll find Hegre  here in my shop.  Add as many balls, or remnants, in different colors as you’d like for your own, personal touch.  (I used 2x50g balls of off-white #0017, 1 of red #4018 and 1 of Norwegian blue #5744.)  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here’s the link for downloading your own, personal-use copy of the free pattern:

Sports Fan Hat PDF



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2 Responses to Free Knitting Pattern – Sports Fan Hat

  1. itwasjudith says:

    I love this beanie, not surprised he wore it the whole day 🙂 Thank for sharing the pattern!

  2. H G Proffitt says:

    I really like your pattern. I’ll be starting one soon. I can use up some leftover yarn for the stripes. Yay! Thank you for the pattern.

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