Rose Arbor Hat

ladies' Fair Isle knit hat with twisted stitches on brim

My new “Rose Arbor Hat”, knit in Jamieson’s of Shetland’s DK 100% Shetland wool yarn. PDF and yarn pack in colors shown available through my online shop.

This hat was inspired by the upcoming “Rose City Yarn Crawl” in Portland, OR. The last couple of years,  Jamieson’s US distributor, Simply Shetland, a sponsor of the yarn crawl, asked me to donate some of my patterns to go along with their magnificent yarn to become kits for Rose City Yarn Crawl door prizes.  It was a sweet, little way to show my support of Jamieson’s, Simply Shetland and Portland knitters, so I was happy to share.  When I was asked for a donation for this year’s yarn crawl, thoughts of “Rose City” inspired something a bit beyond my existing archives; hence, the birth of my “Rose Arbor Hat”, which Simply Shetland will be generously putting up as kits and sharing as door prizes in Portland for this year’s event.

flower formed on top of Fair Isle knit Rose Arbor hat

I was really pleased with the smooth fit and resulting blossom on the crown of Rose Arbor Hat.

The Rose Arbor Hat is a close-fitting ladies’ hat knit in 6 colors of DK yarn. The brim’s twisted stitch trellis is capped by bands of Fair Isle roses and leaves that run to the top, forming a crowning blossom. Instructions for knitting an alternate, simple ribbed brim are included (although I think you’ll find the chart and notes for the “trellis” to be friendly and fun.)

For those of you who can’t wait, or can’t make it to Portland (or figure your luck with door prizes is about the same as mine), here’s a link to the pattern PDF page on my site, here’s my yarn pack page and here’s the pattern PDF on Ravelry.  You can also get previews and updates about my designs by following me on Instagram.

I hope you have great fun knitting the Rose Arbor Hat.  Wear it in health and happiness while you “stop to smell the roses”!



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