Return of the Vikings

Waaaaay back in ’06, I made these Viking Hats for my dear son #2, Alex.

Viking hat with horns, knit in Dale of Norway Falk or Heilo yarn

Viking Hat by Mary Ann Stephens

Back then, to the casual observer, Alex was a mild-mannered, studious sort; hence the relatively tame, blue version.  But even in those early years, those of us who knew Alex well hailed him more appropriately as “Alex the Barbarian”; hence, the horned version.

Viking hat

A LYS called me yesterday, asking where they could get the pattern for this old favorite of a hat.  It’s been on the Kidsknits site for years, but only as a kit, using either Dale of Norway Falk (superwash**) or Heilo (handwash) yarn.  I was happy to set it up as a PDF for them.  In fact, it gave me a chance to rework the pattern a bit, simplifying it with a fully-detailed chart and an easier-on-the-eyes layout.  And, of course, it gave me a chance to show off my hopefully-nearly-full-grown, delightful barbarian in his well-worn, much-loved, yet still good-as-new hat.  (Reason #386 why I love Dale yarns.  Ha!  Try that with some cheap Chinese knock-off!!)

If you’re interested in the new PDF, you can find it here, through Ravelry. It’s also available through Ravelry’s in-store LYS program. Here’s the Ravelry project page.

Hope you have fun with it!

P. S.  Official Disclaimer: While Alex is definitely part Viking and God knows that lovable fellow is largely Barbarian, any close resemblance these hats may have to historic Viking hats &/or helmets would be oh-so-highly-unlikely and purely coincidental. We extend our sincere apologies to all mild-mannered Viking historians. 😉

** Yes, you know I love Heilo, but of course the Barbarian’s hats were made in superwash Falk – are you kidding?!?!?!


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