Top 10 Tips for Machine-sewn Steeks

steek cutting

UPDATE:  My post on steeking has been updated, formatted as a free, downloadable PDF and moved to the Technique page on my new website,


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6 Responses to Top 10 Tips for Machine-sewn Steeks

  1. Francie Portrt Snyder says:

    Thank you for the reminders I always re-read about steeks before I baste and cut even though I use them for most sweaters. I only used back stitch for one sweater and wasn’t thrilled with the results. I like the machine stitching as it can be cut closer for less bulk.The cardboard is a great idea.

  2. Mkg says:

    Scotch tape, tissue paper, cardboard—all great tips. Hope I can remember them next time I steek. (Can that be a verb?)

  3. Sandra David says:

    Thanks for your tips and observations! I have yet to steek anything but Shetland wool, but the day is coming. And your mention ot Tiger Lily reminds me that I think I finally have the skill to pull that one off. I’ll have to go find the pattern I purchased years ago as inspiration.

  4. elicia-holden says:

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    When I get brave …

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