Hurricane Sandy Report

We’re all here, post-Sandy, and I’m very thankful to report that we came through essentially unscathed. We’re up on a hill, a mile or two from the Long Island Sound and several miles from the ocean, so fortunately, no flooding. Several neighbors lost trees, but we were lucky in that regard, too: We have lots of trees in the yard, but while there are plenty of leaves and twigs to clean up, not a single branch came down.

We did lose power until late last (Tuesday) night. All three of the boys are home, along with the oldest one’s sweet girlfriend. When the power went out Monday afternoon, groans of electronic-dependent misery filled the air. Fortunately, we have a gas stove, and I was able to light the burners by hand, so food was not a problem. Between our big stash of board games, an early dive into the Halloween candy and a bit of candlelight, we really had a fine time. For me, it was a good time to knit some simple ribbing on a new design – potentially boring in good light, but both fascinating and comforting in the dark. Truly, our only loss was a refrigerator full of food. And, with three teenage boys, that’s a pretty regular occurrence around here, anyway! 😉

The only remaining issue here is the phone service. Apparently, Hurricane Sandy has wrecked phone service for most of Long Island. We’re not sure when that will be restored; but, in the meantime, we’re endlessly thankful to have internet service. If you need to contact me, you can always email me at mas AT kidsknits DOT com. (So much for the idea of Cell Phone = Safety! Apparently, those smart phones aren’t so darn smart after all!)

Our thoughts, prayers and hugs go out to the countless dear folks in the Northeast that weren’t as fortunate as we were.

ETA: The land line phone service is back, but it looks like shopping for both food and gas will be challenging!


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