Free Knitting Pattern – North Shore Hat – UPDATE

Free knitting pattern for an adult's earflap hat, knit in bulky weight wool.

Free knitting pattern for a quick, warm, adult-sized earflap hat – North Shore Hat by Mary Ann Stephens.

February 9th, 2015 – Today, I’ve updated my old North Shore Hat free knitting pattern PDF with a new version which includes a bunch of explanatory notes which will hopefully clarify the earflap joining process. 

Since most of my work involves colorwork, I often hear knitters complain when they have to weave in loose ends. So, with the original version of this pattern, thinking I was writing it for my usual, relatively experienced customers, I tried to avoid loose ends, when possible.  But, doing so required a shift in direction at one point and a partial round on one side.  Not ideal, especially when so many other websites started sending folks here, referring to this pattern as a “beginner’s” pattern!  I wouldn’t call it a beginner’s pattern, but I’m happy to help lure advanced beginners into the joys of charted knitting. To that end, I’ve changed the process slightly: Now, you’ll make one extra cut in the yarn and you’ll shift your stitches around a bit to get back to the beginning of the round. But, as I hope you’ll agree, doing so makes the layout much clearer.  And, hopefully, the notes will further encourage those of you who are new to charted knitting.

UPDATE:  The North Shore Hat has been moved to the free pattern page on Mary Ann’s new knitting website,


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8 Responses to Free Knitting Pattern – North Shore Hat – UPDATE

  1. Johanne Frenette says:

    Thanx for the wonderful large image of this hat.


    Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2015 20:51:34 +0000 To:

  2. Johanne Frenette says:

    Hi Two Strands! Just to let you know I figured it out! Thanx for all your help..😏


    Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2015 20:51:34 +0000

  3. tam says:

    i finished knitting the hat- great pattern. I did the attached i-cord, but it is so tight that the hat barely fits. how can i adjust the i-cord to make it looser? pick up less stitches? use larger needles?

    • twostrands says:

      If you pick up fewer stitches, it will be tighter still, so don’t take that route. In your case, it sounds like you work I-cord quite tightly, You’ll want to create looser stitches and you have two options for achieving them: The easiest way would be to use a larger needle; the other option is to be extra mindful about keeping things relaxed. The best result will probably come from using both approaches.

  4. No matter how many times I try to access the new or old PDF I am not able to get the pattern

  5. rolande says:

    bonjour je n arrive pas a trouver les explications en francais de un chapeau à oreillettes rapide et chaud de taille adulte – North Shore Hat par Mary Ann Stephens. j ai 85 ans est je ne suis pas douee est il possible de les avoir directement sur ma boite email merci beaucoup rolande

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