Free Knitting Pattern – Twist and Sprout Hat

Free knitting pattern for the Twist and Sprout Hat by Mary Ann Stephens.  Sized for the whole family!

Twist and Sprout Hat, sans fleur

The middle of January…yuck!  Here in the Northeast, you wouldn’t want to face January without a cozy hat nearby.  Not a dreary hat, mind you – there’s more than enough of that dreariness in the skies these days. So, here’s something to brighten things up a bit: a free  PDF for an old favorite – my Twist and Sprout Hat design, sized for everyone, updated with a choice of brims.

I wrote this pattern ages ago, and have sold kits to go with the original, flower-bedecked version, for a long time, too.  You can still get the kit – it saves you a little pocket change, since it comes with remnants for the flower – and you can get it in any shades of Dale Freestyle your heart desires (just add a note to your order, or email me at “mas” AT “kidsknits” DOT com.) Or, take a little dive into that legendary stash of yours and see what worsted weight wonders you come up with.


Click this link to download your own, personal-use copy of my Twist and Sprout Hat for the Two Strands Blog


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4 Responses to Free Knitting Pattern – Twist and Sprout Hat

  1. acuriousgal says:

    Love that twist and sprout hat

  2. teresa Esterley says:

    Awesome hat! Love it!

  3. Joanne McDaniel says:

    Nice hat. Is it made with 2 strands of worsted yarn?

    • twostrands says:

      Hi Joanne. Glad you like the hat. No, it’s made using only one, single strand of yarn at a time. If it were made with two strands of yarn held together, that’s definitely the sort of thing that would be prominent in the instructions. I gather you’re asking about the “two strands” because of the name of my blog, yes? If you look around a bit, you’ll see that at least 95% of the knitting I do is stranded knitting and that’s typically done with two different-colored strands of yarn – hence, the “Two Strands” name…which is also my Ravelry ID, twostrands.

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