More on downloading my newly-free Hedgerow pattern

This morning, a message was left for me in the Ravelry comments for my newly-free Hedgerow design, making it clear that the author of the message did not like my solution of directing folks to my regular, for-sale pattern page for them to get the free gift of my Hedgerow design because getting my PDF for a grand total of zero from my for-sale patterns page still necessitates leaving addresses.  I’m always a bit baffled when people feel compelled to complain about something that has been offered to them for free.  If I don’t like something about a free offer, I simply pass it by and get on with life.  But this commenter has made not only a negative supposition, but also a fair point.  If any of you might feel the same, I want you to know the solution (at least I hope it’s a solution) I’ve come up with to address what I dearly hope will be no more than a few cases of this scenario.  Here’s the comment and my reply:

Free pattern response in Ravelry comments

Another way to get my newly-free pattern.


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6 Responses to More on downloading my newly-free Hedgerow pattern

  1. Martha Johnson says:

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I have several of your beautiful patterns and have reached out to you for help with one of them which you willingly gave and was much appreciated. Not much worse than a thief, I thought your solution to this problem was well thought and am surprised that someone would take issue with leaving their information, especially when getting something for free! People, if you don’t want to leave personal info, don’t, but is it necessary to make a snarky comment? Just move on!

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  3. Helen Smullen says:

    Unfortunately there are trolls everwhere even Ravelry. Pay no attention to her, what you have done is both proper and generrous.

  4. Victoria Abel says:

    Sorry you are going through this. I appreciate your efforts to make this pattern available.

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