Polar Pizazz + Sonoran Christmas

Here are a couple of particularly popular, recent highlights from my Instagram page:

Pullover knit using Polar Chullo motifs and colors.

Recently, this lovely and very talented customer – “swissmissdenise” on Ravelry – posted her delightful Polar Chullo variation FO. (Her photo shown here with her permission.) After she knit my Polar Chullo hat pattern for her husband, she took her favorites among the Polar Chullo charts, grabbed her leftovers + six more hat-size Spindrift yarn packs, centered everything over a basic, dropped-shoulder silhouette using a sweater-appropriate Spindrift gauge (not sure of the exact gauge she used, but I’d shoot for somewhere around 7.5 sts/inch myself) and *poof* – magic! What a fantastic job she did! Isn’t she adorable in her new pullover?!  Thanks for sharing your magnificent work, Denise!! 

"Kilim" knitted Christmas ball ornaments on a Cholla cactus in Arizona.

I knit these using my “Kilim” design, one of many free Christmas ball patterns you’ll find on my website, MaryAnnStephens.com . I sent them off to Jamieson’s of Shetland last week for their Christmas appeal to help raise funds for an MRI machine for Shetland. Imagine the terrible accidents and painful conditions that regularly require MRI scans for proper diagnosis. Now, can you imagine having to take a boat or flight to the mainland while in that painful condition before a diagnosis is possible? Heartwrenching!! Knitted Christmas baubles of all types, from devoted Fair Isle knitting fans from all over the world (even from the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, AZ 😉 ) will decorate the Christmas tree in their Lerwick, Shetland shop window this holiday season. Eventually, they’ll be auctioned off and the funds will go to #mrimaakers, the group that’s spearheading the MRI campaign. For more information, see my Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/maryannstephensknits/ and visit https://mrimaakers.com/ . Jamieson’s shop address is: Jamieson’s Of Shetland, 93-95 Commercial Street, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland ZE1 0BD


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