Free Knitting Pattern – Lace Scrunchie

Free knitting pattern - Lace Scrunchie

Lace Scrunchie, a free knitting pattern from Mary Ann Stephens

Need a last-minute, low-budget gift idea for a long-haired lovely on your list?  If you have a stray elastic band somewhere, plus a few extra ounces of Lerke yarn lying around, you’re in luck!  (And if you don’t, well, you’re still in luck: That’s all the excuse you need to visit my shop!)

Merino / cotton yarn

Dale Lerke is a DK weight merino / cotton blend.

There are plenty of free scrunchie patterns out there, but they all seem to be simple tubes with elastic run through, and plenty of hand-sewing to be done, before you’re done. There’s nothing wrong with that super-simple solution.  But, if you’re interested in using your knitting skills to create something a bit nicer, and you’re happy to trade in the annoying sewing for a fun little bit of lace knitting along the way, click this link to download your free Two Strands “Lace Scrunchie” knitting pattern PDF: Lace Scrunchie

Have fun!


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10 Responses to Free Knitting Pattern – Lace Scrunchie

  1. judith connolly says:

    Where is the pattern? Nothing appeared, am I the only one?

  2. twostrands says:

    If you click the “Lace Scrunchie” link at the end of the last, full paragraph in the above post, the PDF pops right up. If you don’t see the PDF on your screen, look in your Downloads file.

  3. Ann says:

    The pattern for the Lace Scrunchie does not appear. When tying to save a notation comes up saying the pattern is not a valid PDF and cannot be saved. How frustrating

    • twostrands says:

      I just tested it (again…and again) and it worked perfectly for me here, right at the bottom of the blog post. So, you might want to refresh your screen, or try it with a different browser, and it should come up. As for saving it, right-click and select the “Save as” command.

  4. Megan Hobbie says:

    I am not new to knitting but I am not sure what I am doing with the hair elastic on the 2nd stitch and beyond. Can you help with a picture or some idea?

    • twostrands says:

      After the 2nd stitch? Hopefully, you noticed that, after casting on, there are five knit rounds (which would, of course, take you well beyond the 2nd stitch, so I’m guessing your sticking point lies beyond that, yes?) There is a picture on the pattern. Look at it carefully and you’ll see that, on the right needle, the fabric resulting from those 5 K rds has been folded up around the elastic band (which was slipped onto the right needle, per the instructions) and the most recent several stitches on the right needle result from joining the usual live sts with the folded-up CO edge (per instructions). The instructions are very detailed, and it’s not the most common application, so you might not be able to visualize what’s going immediately; but, they do work beautifully, if you give them a try.

      • Megan Hobbie says:

        I know it is detailed and yes I am having difficulty visualizing it and also don’t trust myself because I hate knitting mistakes. I will try to work on it and will let you know.

  5. Carole says:

    I can not get the pattern for that lace scrunchie

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