Mary Ann Stephens showed up in 1959, starting knitting in 1964 and ever since then, she has found it darn near impossible to settle on just one color. She used to be a Wall St. geek, but now she’s the happy corporate refugee who runs Kidsknits.com. She lives on Long Island, in Kings Park, NY with her husband, 3 sons and 1 golden retriever.  Years ago, the boys were adorable little cherubs bedecked in Mom’s knitting, hence the “Kidsknits” name.  Now, the boys are more often bedecked in mud and sweat, so she knits mostly adult things, for us knitters, yet the Kidsknits name has stuck.  You can visit Kidsknits.com to see more of her designs, to peruse most everything available from Dale of Norway knitting, and to consider more delights she’s chosen from other beloved sources for delicious stranded knitting goodness.  You’ll also find several of Mary Ann’s designs published in Twist Collective, and keep your eye out for her work in the upcoming Fall 2011 Vogue Knitting.

Kidsknits.com, Mary Ann’s retail website.   Toll-free ordering = 877-631-3031  Email = mas AT kidsknits DOT com.

Two Strands, Mary Ann’s stranded knitting group on Ravelry.


3 Responses to About

  1. Laura Drake says:

    Thanks so much for the info on grafting, it’s helped me for a different reason than an error. I just finished a great, but intricate lacey patterned sweater. The yarn was light yellow, and in two places the yard was discolored. Instead of cutting out that part, I knitted it in, thinking the stain would come out – it didn’t. I’ll never do that again!
    There’s no way I was going to junk all the work, and had just about resigned myself to living with it and wearing the sweater anyway…when I saw your technique.
    I’ll give it a try – thanks so much!

  2. Mary Alice (Carey) Kohs says:

    m.a.? is that you?? how exciting to see all this amazing work. i’m also a corporate refugee these days, living with my husband daniel and son ian in port washington.

    happy thanksgiving, and please get in touch!



  3. Catherine Mire says:

    I ordered Tiger Lily today – Wow!!! Beautiful pattern! I doubt I will be able to start it until early 2011 as I have several WIPs in progress and I need to study the chart for sizing and maybe changing color way… (always tricky but I have to decide what will work for the intended recipient). Also ordered Wintergarden hat kit & sweater chart. Your designs knock me over. Well done!

    Well, maybe I can sneak in a hat or two before I can devote time to the sweaters. I can hardly wait. Keep designing because you are very good at it!


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