Follow-up on my co-opted Hedgerow – it’s now FREE!!

After responding to the many sweethearts who reached out to me with their kind support last night, and mulling over this wretched situation early this morning, I’m now running on about two hours of sleep.  Over night, Voolenvine’s posts showing her copycat Klara Socks were removed from YouTube, Instagram and Ravelry.  I woke up thinking: “This is not the first time something like this has happened and, sadly, it’s probably not the last. I’d love to just wipe the slate clean and simply move forward with happier things.” And then I saw Voolenvine’s second, saccharine-laden, extremely-hard-to-believe response on my Instagram post.  Now that her socks have been removed from her posts, she maintains she had “absolutely  no previous knowledge” of my design.

Below, you’ll see I saved a screenshot of her Ravelry project and you can compare it to my Hedgerow work.  You be the judge!

What’s so very “special” about Voolenvine’s “project” is that she carried on for several minutes, in a few different YouTube podcasts, about how her socks were entirely inspired by her dear great-grandmother.  (BTW, as you’ve probably figured out, I am oh-so-definitely NOT her great-grandma!)  I just cannot let that *&^%$@#* stand!

voolenvine on rav vs mas hedgerow

Comparing my Hedgerow projects and my chart illicitly posted on Pinterest to #Voolenvine’s magically similar result used for her Klara Socks.

You’ll also see the bulk of my Hedgerow chart was illictly copied and posted on Pinterest.  (Thankfully, Pinterest removed it for me a few weeks ago.) I don’t know just when it showed up there, or who pinned it there originally but I’ll wager it was there long enough for Voolenvine, and maybe plenty of others, to put it to good use.  Nonetheless, it’s still mine.  And now, it’s yours, too!

I’ve decided it’s time to “turn lemons into lemonade”. I always seem to have so many things going on, and I self-critically slave over each design for what seems an eternity, so I’ve never really done much to develop a significant social media presence. It has become all too easy for dishonest folks to co-opt my obscure designs and pretend that they’re their own.  Well, that’s not going to happen this time!  If you go to my knitting patterns page on my online shop, you’ll find that my Hedgerow Fingerless Mittens PDF is now free.  Yep, FREE! It’s still copyright protected, and it’s still a $5 pdf on Ravelry.  But, for those of you kind enough to follow me here, or on Instagram, and visit my quiet, little shop’s pattern page, I’m happy to put it out there as free.  Maybe in return, you might help me crawl out a bit from social media obscurity so that my years of work can become known for what it has always been – my own, original designs.

Many of you super-kind sweethearts have purchased Hedgerow in the last 24 hours while I’ve been figuring out what to do with this mess.  And now it’s free!  Oh, I know I’d be bummed if I just laid out $5 for something that’s now free.  So, if you’re one of the dear knitters who purchased this since yesterday, please just send me a message through my website’s contact page and it will be my pleasure to send you any other single PDF of mine, no matter the price tag, in Hedgerow’s place.

UPDATE:  You’ll see in my next post that, if necessary, there is an alternate way for you to receive my free pattern.

Thanks again and happy knitting! xoxoxoxoxoxox, Mary Ann


The cover page to my Hedgerow Fingerless Mittens PDF. ENJOY!!


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11 Responses to Follow-up on my co-opted Hedgerow – it’s now FREE!!

  1. Sharon McCoy says:

    Thank you for keeping us all posted, Mary Ann.  I hate that this happened to you, and do wish that I had more of a social media presence myself, to help you there.  But I do love (and have bought) a number of your patterns in the past, and whenever anyone sees them, I let them know where to go!  You have a lovely eye for detail and design . . . your baby elephants, Kilim, and amaryllis have been particular favorites with my people . . . and your holiday ball patterns. 

    Keep on doing what you do so well. And try not to let folks like this get in your way (though I fully understand and support how upset and angry you are). Sharon McCoy

    • twostrands says:

      Aw, Sharon, thank you so much – what a sweet bit of much-appreciated support! I’m thrilled that my designs can bring a bit of joy to you and your family!

  2. says:

    Thank you Mary Ann…

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Jeanette Dickau says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s obvious by looking at your beautiful designs that you are creative and meticulous. Thank you for offering such a gorgeous pattern for free. How generous after all you have gone through.

  4. Andrea says:

    WHAT? I had not been aware of this, how sad. Thank you for this wonderful pattern. It looks like a lot of work!

  5. Becky says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern and I’m sorry this situation occurred, but also glad that I discovered your patterns because of this mess. I’ve looked over the pattern and it’s incredibly well written and I’m impressed with the entire layout. I truly hope you will consider writing up the sweater as I would purchase it in a heartbeat! I think it would be a bestseller.

    Late last evening, before I read what had transpired, I saw this lovely pattern on Ravelry in the “hot right now” section. I was half asleep and decided I needed to revisit it today and purchase it. This evening I was amazed to see it was now free and saddened to read the reason why. I think it is wonderful that you are trying to turn a negative experience into a positive and I predict more good will come out of this because of that. I signed up for your newsletter and I’m going to Instagram now to follow you. You are extremely talented and I wish you continued success with your business!

  6. shellysfriend says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely pattern! I saw this late last night in the Ravelry “hot right now” area and was so impressed with it. I was half asleep and decided I would revisit it today and purchase it. This evening I was so surprised to see it was free and the reason why. I think it is wonderful that you are taking a negative experience and turning it in to a positive.

    I’ve looked over the pattern and I’m so impressed with the beautiful layout and how well written it is. I really hope you will consider writing up the sweater and socks as I would buy them in a heartbeat. I think they would absolutely be best sellers!

    I’m so sorry this has happened to you, but glad I’ve been introduced to your patterns. You are extremely talented and I hope more good things come to you out of this unfortunate event. I signed up for your mailing list and I’m going to Instagram now to follow you. I’m sure many others will do the same. Thanks again for your generous gift!

  7. redmarwy says:

    I am so sorry that Kristen stole your design/pattern. I will no longer watch her on youtube. That was a sneaky and underhanded thing to do to you… xx

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