Dale’s Ladybug design in my Girlybug colorway

Dale of Norway has an extraordinary number of beloved designs for children, but I guess the most beloved of all would have to be their “Marihone”, or “Ladybug”, sweater.

knitting pattern for ladybug marihone baby sweater from dale of norway at kidsknits.com

Dale of Norway's "Marihøne", aka "Ladybug", baby sweater knitting design

I have more than a few customers whose first reaction, upon hearing that someone is expecting a baby, is to order up yet another batch of Dale Baby Ull yarn for yet another baby-shower-show-stopping Ladybug sweater.  The original lively colors and adorable motif work well for any little lovebug, male or female.  Yet lately, as more mothers happily broadcast the sex of their little bundle months before the stork makes his delivery, I’m getting more requests for girly colorwork Dale designs.  Actually, they have quite a few of them, but I really liked the idea of combining an all-time favorite with some of their more girly shades of Baby Ull to come up with my own “Girlybug” colorway.

knitting for baby - pastel colors for Dale Marihone Ladybug baby sweater

My pastel "Girlybug" colorway for the Dale of Norway Marihøne, or "Ladybug", baby sweater

I’ve charted these pastel shades out so that they correspond with the colorway color numbers in the Dale of Norway “Marihone” pattern.  If you’re using one of the original, out-of-print patterns, you’ll see they number the shades “MC, CC1 thru CC6”; if you’re using the current Book 8102, you’ll see they number those same charted values as “color 1 thru color 7”.  Either rendition will work with my colors, below:

yarn for knitting ladybug baby sweater in girl's shades of Baby Ull

Baby Ull yarn colors used in my pastel version of the Marihøne, or Ladybug, knitting design


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2 Responses to Dale’s Ladybug design in my Girlybug colorway

  1. I’m currently knitting this pattern and found that it doesn’t tell you how many inches to knit before doing the armholes. Can you help me with this?

    • twostrands says:

      In a traditional Norwegian sweater such as this, nothing is done for the armholes until the entire body, from the bottom hem to the top of the neckline, has been knit as one simple tube and both sleeves have been completed. Only after you have all of those pieces together do you mark the armholes (which, at that point, you know you can size perfectly) and sew and cut accordingly. You can find a detailed explanation of Norwegian “steeks”, or “cutting stitches” (as they’re apt to be called in a Dale pattern) here on my kidsknits.com retail site: http://www.kidsknits.com/steeks_introduction.html Have fun!

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