A few Heilo shades added to the Yarn on Sale page

Check out the updated Yarn on Sale page – I’ve added 4 discontinued shades of Heilo – yep, H-E-I-L-O –  to the clearance page!

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Traditional knitting with a colorful twist. Website = MaryAnnStephens.com.
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2 Responses to A few Heilo shades added to the Yarn on Sale page

  1. Tora Consolo says:

    I’d love a few suggestions for a boys version of the Ladybug sweater! Any suggestions?

    • twostrands says:

      I think part of the appeal of the design is that the two original colorways were widely accepted as being very “unisex”, so thousands of both boys and girls have been dressed in the original colors. But, I have heard knitters, here and there, mention that they weren’t crazy about the orange in the first colorway, or the purple in the second one. (Although, with 3 boys, I’ve noticed recently that orange is perhaps the current “hottest” color in boys’ sportswear and I’m amazed to see so many men’s dress shirts in both purples and pinks these days.) And, of course, the yarn colors themselves have changed a bit over time, too. The colors in the latest version (Book 8102) do not include any orange, but they do include lupine Baby Ull. While I think lupine is an especially nice shade, perhaps it’s not what some folks think of for dressing little men. So, if it’s that soft, light purple, i.e., lupine, that’s keeping you from considering their newest colorway for a little fellow, I’d propose replacing the lupine with bright blue #5726 for a more boyish combination.

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