Booties for a Special Day

Booties for a Special Day from

Booties for a Special Day

OMG, these were so much fun to make!  I’ve done so many adult-sized things lately that I had nearly forgotten the thrill that comes from the quick turnaround of knitting little babies’ things.  Of course, I wasn’t looking for lightening speed – that plain old chunky knit, do-it-all-during-a-commercial kind of speed.  No, that wouldn’t do; there had to be some fussing.  And I had to put myself through the usual bit of mind bending to get things “just so”.  But I got there.  And here’s the result, my “Booties for a Special Day” which offer some special features to please fussy babies, fussy parents and fussy knitters, too.

Booties for a Special Day, circularly knit

Booties for a Special Day, circularly knit with no internal seams

For us knitting fusspots, I worked things out so that there’s not a single stitch of seaming to be done and I did it in beloved Dale of Norway Baby Ull, which is always a treat to knit with.

Of course, the moms (and maybe even a few dads) will appreciate that Baby Ull can be tossed in the washing machine.  Plus, there’s a “stay put” lace cuff that is guaranteed to sit still and behave itself all day long.  Isn’t it great to have special little touches that don’t require all-day fixing, flattening, folding…fussing?

For those dear, fussy little sweethearts, I worked the joins so that the ridges are on the outside, where they’re actually decorative, rather than on the inside (where most designs put them) right where they can irritate those sweet, tender, delicious little footies.  Can’t have that!

Anyway, I hope you like ’em!  Happy knitting!

Oh, and one personal note: See the lace dress in the background of the photo, above?  That’s my christening gown!  Actually, it was my brothers’, too…and my sons’…and…hopefully, another sweetheart’s, someday waaaaaay down the road from now.  You know, like once my boys reach 30 or so, when it might occasionally be acceptable to like a girl besides Mom. 😉


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  1. northernnarratives says:

    Adorable! Judy

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