Wintergarden now available as PDF through Ravelry

I have two quick bits of news for you.  First, I’ve finally gotten around to formatting my ladies’ Wintergarden Pullover as a PDF and it’s now available through Ravelry.

stranded knitting pattern pdf for fair isle panel style ladies sweater

Secondly, it turns out Gracie is a knitter!  (I guess that explains her smile.)

A while ago, we were out on some errands and got home later than expected.  In the meantime, poor Gracie was left home alone to entertain herself. And that she did!  She found my knitting basket in the family room, selected some favorites and apparently proceeded to make six separate, determined trips back and forth from the family room to the front door to gather her supplies and begin her new project.  When we returned, Gracie danced with immense pride, right next to one impressive mound of snarled, scrambled, slobbered Noro, along with six shredded – but matching!! – ball bands.  I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.  I wish I had grabbed my camera, but I was too shocked by thoughts of the $$$ her new WIP represented.  My husband and boys mercifully cleared the remains.

Now that my knitting basket is safely tucked way beyond her reach and we’ve invested in some heavy duty chew toys, I’ve decided to be favorably impressed. And I’ll share with you this sweet photo taken today:

the dog loves yarn

A golden dog with an eye for color!


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4 Responses to Wintergarden now available as PDF through Ravelry

  1. Michelle says:

    That happened with one of my Golden Retrievers as well. I learned my lesson the hard way, just like you. I’m very careful to always pick my yarn up. It can get twisted in your dogs stomach and create more than havoc with the yarn. Yikes!

    Your sweater is so fabulous!!!

    • twostrands says:

      Thanks, I’m so glad you like it! Oh, yes, I’ve heard stories of yarn doing terrible things to animals’ digestive systems. I’ll have to avoid referring to yarn as “yummy” when Gracie is in earshot!

  2. PJ says:

    And doggie yarn play is exactly how my DH and DD learned to unknot and wind yarn cakes. I was luckier than your incident, my girls just slobbered and knotted, but never broke the yarn…which is amazing to me. Good thing Gracie is as cute as can be.

    • twostrands says:

      Yep, you’re right – good thing she’s cute! She’s just a year old now, but I’ve lost count of all the times her cuteness saved her keister. Still, with each antic, she’s so sweet and silly, you just have to laugh (now that the yarn is out of reach.) Hmmmm, “just slobbered and knotted” – sounds like your girls really knew what they were doing!

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