Chrysanthemum Mittens and the Mystery of Hauk vs Heilo

SkiKnits “Chrysanthemum Mittens”

UPDATE:  This post discussed the fine points between the two long-ago-discontinued yarns used for this free pattern.  While I can’t get you those yarns anymore, my free Chrysanthemum Mittens knitting pattern pdf is available on my new website,  Here’s a link directly to the free Chrysanthemum Mittens page.


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3 Responses to Chrysanthemum Mittens and the Mystery of Hauk vs Heilo

  1. Janis says:

    What an excellent comparison of Hauk and Heilo. I am about to start my first DON sweater and was planning on using Hauk. I would hate to run out of yarn two years down the road with no hope of matching dye lots.

    I anxiously await the finish of your second mitten. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Mary Tess says:

    Thank you for writing up this comparison. One reason for the difference may be the weight of the individual ball of yarn. I have gotten in the habit of weighing my yarn on a scientific scale (that is supposedly accurate to .5 grams) and have found that “new” balls of “50 g.” yarn can weigh anywhere from 47 to 52 grams. If I have more than one ball of the same color and am making mittens, I’ll use the heaviest ball, hoping that means more yardage. I, too, look forward to learning the results from your second mitten.

  3. twostrands says:

    Mary, I agree with you entirely – even within one yarn type, there can sometimes be slight differences in the weight of the balls. I’m taking that very salient point into consideration in my analysis and hope to post my results for everyone shortly. Thanks!

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