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UPDATE 2018:  Here’s the direct link to the yarn clearance page on my new website, MaryAnnStephens.com.  The Kidsknits link, below, will automatically reroute you to MaryAnnStephens.com, too.  Be sure to click on the “Blog” link at the top/right of the new site so that you can continue to follow my knitting news!



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  2. Gayle Cox says:

    do you have Falk yarn on sale?

    • twostrands says:

      Yep! Falk is on sale, and, in fact, so is most everything else (presuming “on sale” means well below the usual MSRP price offered at most sites.) I try to have a lot of things on sale all of the time. For instance, Falk’s current MSRP is $6.90, but my current price is well below that. If you shop around, you’ll see that most every other yarn store that carries a good array of Falk colors (that is, a store that is dedicated to carrying enough colors to support the designs and is not closing it out) will usually charge something pretty close to the MSRP, but we don’t. As you can see on my Falk page, we carry every Falk color and we sell it well below MSRP. And, as I do with all of the Dale yarns, if you order a full bag of one color (20 balls, same yarn type, same dye lot, same shade), I take an extra 10% off, in addition to the ongoing discount. The reason Falk, and other popular Dale yarns that I discount, like Baby Ull, Heilo, Freestyle and Daletta, are not listed on this page is that I plan to continue carrying them; they’re not on “close-out”. The things listed on this page have been oh-so-deeply discontinued because they have been discontinued by the maufacturer. They’re sold below wholesale cost, just so I can clear out the leftovers.

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  4. Marla Peterson says:

    Hello… I am wanting to knit the Dale of Norway pattern, Setesdal, in the colors that are shown in the book… off white and gray. Could you recommend the correct Baby Uhl shades to order.
    I need them asap, as I am leaving on vacation.
    Thank you so much,

    • twostrands says:

      Hi Marla,
      I’ll post the answer to your question here, but for this sort of inquiry, you’ll get my quickest response by either calling the toll-free line at 877-631-3031 or by emailing me directly at mas “at” kidsknits “dot” com.

      The Setesdal design shows up in several Dale books. There is a grey / white version in Book 208 which uses smoke 5931 & white 0010. (I just noticed that smoke shade is not listed on my baby ull page, but I do have it in stock.) There’s also a grey / white baby setesdal in the hard cover “Soft Treasures for Little Ones” book, and that uses pastel grey 5711 with white 0010. Interestingly, #5711 was discontinued a few years ago, but they brought the exact same shade back this year. It’s still numbered #5711, but its name is now light grey. Hoe that helps,, and that you have a wonderful vacation.

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