How to make a tassel

Tassel from Fair Isle Hat

The tassel from my "Fair Isle Hat"

A few folks have asked me how I made the tassel on my Fair Isle Hat that’s in the Fall 2011 edition of Vogue Knitting.  Not too surprisingly, to save space and to fit more designs into their biggest issue of the year, VK trimmed away any pattern info, like tassel instructions, that some might consider unimportant.  What, the tassel is important to you?  Me, too!  So here are my original tassel instructions for you, thanks to the roomy nature of the internet:


Wrap MC and CC together approx. 30 times around width of a credit card. Insert tapestry needle threaded with approx 10” of CC under all wraps; tie wraps together tightly. Remove card.  Wrap one end of approx 16” of MC 10 times tightly around loops, approx ¾” from tied-off top; thread loose end of MC through tapestry needle; feed needle from top of wraps down through middle of tassel.  Thread both tied-off ends at top of tassel and end of I-cord down through top of tassel; tie ends  together tightly inside tassel. Trim bottom of tassel evenly.


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