Vancouver V-neck 21302 – errata

I’m plugging along happily on my Dale of Norway Vancouver V-neck. However, I have stumbled across a couple of minor errors in their Vancouver V-neck #21302 pattern that I thought I’d mention, since I know many of you are just starting out on your own versions.  If I encounter any other glitches along the way, I’ll post them here.

1) The ribbing on the sides is decreased a bit below the armpit. It’s done by working p2tog’s through the P2 sections of the ribbing on one round, then working k2togs through the K2 sections of the ribbing on the next round. You’ll find the typo right above the only boldfaced word, ”Note:”, in the Front Neck Opening section. Although it says ”p 1 st, p2tog”, be certain to make that: p 1 st, k2tog.

2) There’s another, related typo just a few lines below that. They’re giving optional instructions for working everything above the neckline base back and forth, rather than steeking. (Personally, I’m steeking mine, for a few really good reasons.) But anyway, they tell you to do the p2tog decreases on a RS (right side) row (and that part is fine) but then, they erroneously tell you to “work dec as K2tog on WS for second dec row.” Of course, if you’re working this part back and forth, whatever you see as a K st on the WS is really a P st on the front. By the time you’ve done your first dec row, the backside of the ribbed section will look like K1, P2, K1, P2… Their instructions to work dec as K2 tog on WS won’t work because you just finished decreasing your P2s on the front (same sts as the K2s on the WS) down to P1s on the front (K1s on the WS). Obviously, they should have written that part as “work dec as P2tog on WS for second dec row.



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