Vancouver 2010 in Fall 2009!

I’ve just hung up from a conversation with folks at Dale of Norway US and, boy, do I ever have good news for knitters!  There will be a Vancouver 2010 Dale of Norway sweater for the Olympics.  It’s scheduled to come out some time this fall.  It will be available in both ready-to-wear and…yep, you guessed it…hand knitting.  Woohoo!

Last year, many of us were very disappointed when we were told there would not be an Olympic sweater for 2010.  We heard that there were issues surrounding Olympic licensing and that we’d have to console ourselves with the designs from the Commemorative Collection booklet, which features 6 designs inspired by North American venues.  While the Commemorative Collection certainly does have some great projects, I think it would have been a shame for Dale of Norway to break their long-standing record of providing the perfect blend of traditional knitting technique, exemplary design, venue inspiration and Olympic spirit, all rolled up into one intruiging project.  It’s great to hear that whatever hurdles were impeding things last year have now been cleared.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.  I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything further.


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3 Responses to Vancouver 2010 in Fall 2009!

  1. I don’t knit but am excited about this olympics next year and this is cool. really love how everyone is getting on board and supporting the games.

    bad or good, the games will leave legacy for future generations.

    can’t wait to see the sweater.

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