Dale Kits with FREE patterns

UPDATE: Check out the “DALE” set in my Ravelry Library (three pages…and growing!)  The “sets” utility is awesome – it not only allows me to group all of my Dale books in one place; it also allows you to browse through them to see the gazillion project ideas available.  If the book is out of print (and many that you see there are) Dale of Norway allows Dale dealers, like me, to give you a FREE copy of the pattern with your project’s yarn purchase.  Just email me at “mas AT kidsknits DOT com” to get any project requirements.  HAPPY BROWSING!!


While Dale of Norway always has several wonderful current publications for sale, the majority of their exquisite designs fall into the “out of print” category.  Fortunately, it is their policy to allow Dale dealers, like me, to issue “kits” using free – yep, free– copies of their out-of-print designs, as long as the free, out-of-print knitting pattern (printed or PDF) is accompanied by the purchase of the requisite Dale of Norway / Dalegarn yarn for the same out-of-print project. Especially now that traditional Norwegian knitting is enjoying a well-deserved resurgence in popularity, I figure it’s high time I open my own Dale library up to knitters for this purpose.  (And, yeah, okay, so maybe I want to show off my awesome collection a bit!)  It might take a while for me to list everything.  Plus, I add things to my library occasionally.  So, you might want to check back every now and again.  Where possible, I’ll give you a link to the out-of-print projects on Ravelry, so that you can get a few more ideas about the great – and free – possibilities hiding in my library, thanks to DofN. If you’re interested in getting a Dale kit using one of these out-of-print patterns, email me directly at mas “at” kidsknits “dot” com or call the toll-free (US) number 877-631-3031 and we’ll work things out.

Caveat: Dale of Norway holds the copyright to these patterns, not me.  I honor and adhere strictly to their policies.  Since availability of these patterns is entirely at the discretion of the copyright holders, please understand that availability of any of these patterns can be subject to change.  

Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Festantrekk traditional Norwegian jacket and vest

Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Festantrekk traditional Norwegian jacket and vest

Festantrekk on Ravelry.

Dale of Norway Book 8501 Commemorative Collection

Dale of Norway Book 8501 Commemorative Collection

Dale of Norway Book 8501 on Ravelry.

Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Book 79

Dale of Norway Book 79

Book 79 on Ravelry.

Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Book NR 121

Dale of Norway Book 121

Book 121 on Ravelry.

Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Book NR 138

Dale of Norway Book 138

Book 138 on Ravelry.

Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Book NR 147

Dale of Norway Book 147

Book 147 on Ravelry.

Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Book 170

Dale Book 170 - The Best of Tiur

Book 170 on Ravelry.

Stay tuned – this is the tip of the iceberg!


7 Responses to Dale Kits with FREE patterns

  1. claire says:

    I’d love to find a man’s stranded vest to knit for my DH as reward for getting in shape…he’s already lost 50 lbs! Any suggestions? thanks!
    catmum on Ravelry

  2. Erika says:

    I just saw the Dale of Norway Peace sweater online. I was wondering if there was ever a pattern for that, I believe it came out in 2012. I would love to buy a pattern of that sweater and a kit so that I could knit it myself. Thanks!

    • twostrands says:

      Actually, Erika, I’ll bet you would rather NOT knit Dale of Norway’s “Peace” sweater. I’ll explain:
      Although the Peace sweater is knit in Heilo, it is not knit in the Heilo that hand knitters know and love. The Heilo we knit with is 4 ply; the Heilo used in the machine-knit Peace sweater is 2 ply. That means that, rather than the usual 40 or so stitches per square inch we find in hand knit Heilo sweaters (5.5×7 to 6×7), the Peace sweater has about 140 or so stitches per square inch. Vastly more lovely detail per square inch – hence, it’s appeal. However, it would also be vastly more work – nearly four times as much work as the typical Dale sweater of the same size. And that’s if you could find the right yarn! The finest sweater-worthy yarn – a fingering weight wool, such as Dale Baby Ull – only knits at about 8 stitches per inch, giving you about 70 stitches over one square inch – that’s only half the number of stitches you see per square inch that lovely Peace design.

  3. Erika says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Also, how do I print the information for patterns on ravelry or can I?

    • twostrands says:

      Well, that depends upon which patterns and which information you’re hoping for through Ravelry. From what you’ve asked, I’m not sure whether you’re asking about Dale patterns, my patterns or patterns in general on Ravelry, or merely Ravelry database info on patterns, so I’ll cover all the cases.

      There’s ton of info on thousands of pattern in Ravelry. Some patterns are free on Ravelry – you need only download the file, open the file and print the pattern as you’d print any other file. A few of my patterns are such free patterns that can be printed through Ravelry. But, you won’t find Dale patterns among such free Ravelry patterns. Some patterns can be purchased through Ravelry, then downloaded and printed in the same manner. Again, several of mine, none of Dale’s. But…while Dale of Norway does not offer patterns, free or for purchase, through Raverly, you can see a great deal of information, and thousands of knitters’ lovely results, from their projects on Ravelry. And, many of the out-of-print patterns for Dale projects that you’ll see on Ravelry can be had…eventually…for free, from me. Again, here’s how:

      Of course, there are plenty of current Dale patterns, and many of them are for sale through my Kidsknits.com store. But, if you’re looking for free Dale patterns…Look at my library on Ravelry and you’ll see I have a large collection of out-of-print Dale of Norway patterns. As the copyright holders, Dale of Norway allows Dale dealers, like me, to provide FREE copies of out-of-print patterns IF and ONLY IF the free pattern accompanies the corresponding Dale yarn purchase; their rule, not mine. So, if you look through Dale projects on Ravelry and find something that interests you, look at my library on Ravelry to find out whether I have the pattern in hand. (Or ask me – that works, too, but taking a peek on your own might be faster.) If it’s an old, out-of-print design, I can usually offer it to you for free, if you purchase the associated Dale yarn from me at the same time. If you decide you’re interested in getting a free-pattern-Dale-kit for a project, email me at: mas “AT” kidsknits “DOT” com or call my US toll-free store line, 877-631-3031, We can talk about size, yarn requirements for your size, currently available colors, etc. That way, you’ll get exactly what you want for your project – no more, no less.

  4. Anne Martea Rudland Larsen says:

    Dale of norway peace sweater Do you have a “kit” or the pattern?

    • twostrands says:

      I’m often asked if Dale has a hand knitting pattern for either the “Peace” or the “Harmony” sweater. For ages, Dale of Norway issued the hand knitting patterns for many of their ready-made sweaters. Both “Peace” and “Harmony” are made from 100% Norwegian wool, i.e., Dale’s “Heilo” yarn. So, many knitters wonder if these popular designs are available in hand knitting patterns. Sorry, no, and the reason is simple: The Heilo that hand knitters know and love has 4 plies that knit up to a gauge of 5.5 to 6 stitches per inch; the Heilo that Dale uses to machine knit the Peace and Harmony designs has only 2 plies that knit up to, not surprisingly, a gauge of about twice as many stitches per inch. Multiply that gauge disparity both horizontally and vertically and you’ll soon see that, for the amount of stitches involved in the fine-gauge, high resolution Peace and Harmony designs, you could knit four sweaters of the same size in normal hand knitting Heilo. Hand knitting Heilo is already on the lower end of the gauge array of hand knitting yarns. You’d need something finer than cobweb lace yarn to knit the Peace or Harmony designs, not to mention, a whoooooooole lot of time on your hands. Unfortunately, there’s really no market for such a fine-gauge project; hence, no pattern, either.

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