Dale Yarn Clearance Sale

North Star Hat, knit in Dale Hegre wool yarn, on sale at Kidsknits.com.

My ever-popular “North Star Hat”, knit in beautiful Dale Hegre yarn which is now on CLEARANCE at Kidsknits.com at the ridiculously low price of $4 per ball. You’ll need 2 balls, 1 of each color. PDF available through Ravelry.

About a year ago, Dale Garn suddenly announced they would no longer distribute their yarns and patterns in North America.  Neither Dale’s owner, Dale’s distributor nor Dale Garn itself cared to explain.

Remember when your mother told you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”?  (Did you hear that pin drop?)

After decades of knitting with Dale and sixteen years as a Dale dealer, not only stocking and selling Dale, but teaching Norwegian techniques and designing with it extensively, it’s certainly sad to see all of this lovely yarn go. I know many of you feel the same. But, there is a very happy, bright side to it for both you and me.

Obviously, you now have the rare chance to get some FANTASTIC bargains on Dale yarns. (More on that below.)

Me, as my Dale shelves clear out, I’m enjoying finally having some space and time to focus on some other wonderful yarns.  Some are similarly reliable, high-quality, traditional, natural fiber, color work delights that I’ve stocked for ages, like truly beloved Shetland Spindrift which, I’m happy to report, I’ve been busily designing in and expanding my stock in lately.  Others are tried and true basics, and some are exciting newcomers that I hope to make room for shortly. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, head to the Kidsknits Dale Sale to stock up on rare Dale bargains.  Over the last year, I’ve been gradually whittling down the prices on all of my Dale yarn stock.  I just made yet another steep cut yesterday.  Now, most of them are barely above wholesale cost; some are below!

Of course, they won’t stick around forever at these prices.  We’re doing our best to show up-to-date inventory numbers online.  But, when orders arrive in close succession, or by phone, email, snail-mail, drop-bys, etc., or when they sit in shopping carts for ages before executing, it’s impossible to have 100% inventory numbers 100% of the time.   As always, I’ll email you the exact status of your order as soon as I can.  But, to avoid disappointment (oh, how I hate to disappoint my fellow knitters) call the US toll-free line, 877-631-3031, or email me directly at: mas “AT” kidsknits “DOT” com.

Finally, if you’re thinking, “Yeah, those are great yarns at great prices, but so many of the Dale books have disappeared – what can I make with them?”, many of my PDFs use Dale yarn.  Here’s a link to my designer’s page on Ravelry where you can get some good ideas.  And, for now, I do still have some Dale books left, too.

Happy bargain hunting and happy knitting!






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2 Responses to Dale Yarn Clearance Sale

  1. kfecker@yahoo.com says:

    Hello, Bummed to hear about the dale of Norway yarn. I am trying to get to your sale page but it says it is missing. Can’t find it for any of your links either. Please let me know how to find them. Thank you.

    “With faith, all things are possible” Matthew 17:20

    Kelle Fecker


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