Baby’s 1st Fair Isle Cardi

fair isle sweater for babies

Baby’s First Fair Isle Cardigan, a new circularly-knit, stranded and steeked Fair Isle knitting design by Mary Ann Stephens. Available as a PDF from Ravelry or as a discounted kit from Mary Ann’s online yarn shop,  Kits are available in your four favorite shades of Dale Baby Ull.

It’s been an awfully long time since we’ve had a baby in the family.  Right now, our “baby” is my youngest son, who’s 16 already!  (Although he’d probably tell you the “baby” in our family is Gracie, below:)

Gracie, our baby, a golden retriever

Gracie with her friend, Mr. Roosevelt.

One of my wonderful nephews, and his very sweet wife, recently announced that they’re expecting a girl in July.  We’re so excited for them!  The glowing Mom-to-be told me that she’d like “something different”.  I’ve heard that a lot lately – so many soon-to-be parents want “something different”.  But how different is their “different”?

Some of you might be surprised to hear that one of the most common threads among today’s “something different” seekers has been a preference for something grey for their babies.  That’s definitely different than the traditional pink or blue!  But,  I think it can also turn out to be be pretty cute, and often unisex, too.  So, I knit this little grey cardi with the latest wave of “different” in mind:

fair isle sweater for infants

Baby’s First Fair Isle Cardigan, in the grey colorway, with classic straight-sided shaping, using Dale Baby Ull in: sand heather 0004, grey heather 0007, golden olive 2226 and retro red 3820.

At least I’ll be covered if it turns out that the sonogram technician missed something! 😉

Asking my nephew’s wife a bit more about her color preferences, it turns out she wants something “Girly…but not too girly.  More purple than pink.”  So maybe not quite as “different”as the latest trend seekers’ “different”.  Maybe something more like this:

baby girl's fair isle sweater

Baby’s First Fair Isle Cardigan in the mint colorway, with a bell-shaped, gathered body, using Dale Baby Ull in light green 8222, lupine 5226, powder pink 4202, light eggplant 4435.

Of course, there are countless Baby Ull combinations that would be suitable for a design like this.  Which colors would you use?


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2 Responses to Baby’s 1st Fair Isle Cardi

  1. Marion says:

    the 2 cardigans are both lovely but i think i prefer the grey one !

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. We dont have any babies in the family at the moment, but it sure is patterns that I going to keep for “one day” when I also get to make :”something different”. Love the grey, and knowing my daughter, it would probably one that she would have their baby wear one day. 🙂

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