TBT – What’s old is new again! Dale 13801 ladies’ cardigan

ladies fair isle knit cardigan dale 13801

This beautiful, old shawl-collared cardigan, Dale 13801, looks very “fashion forward” today.

Turns out plenty of us traditional knitters are quite the forward thinkers!  The topic of the week around here: “What can I knit this summer that I’ll just love to wear this fall and winter… and every fall and winter to come?” We’re all looking for an interesting project that’s timeless, but stylish, too.

I’ve looked into my store library and found a bunch of Dale gems that fit the bill nicely.  Speaking of “the bill”, you’ll be glad to know that many of these gems are out-of-print Dale designs that qualify for their FREE pattern program, as long as you purchase the suggested Dale yarn for the project.  I’ll be doing a series of TBT‘s (Throw Back Thursdays) throughout the summer to discuss these designs with you, to get your wheels turning and your needles happily humming along.

Of course, finding the right pattern is only half the battle; what about the yarn? So many OOP patterns call for discontinued yarns. Eh, not a problem!  I’ll show you my current yarn recommendations, and I’ll discuss my color selection strategies, too.  (But, as always, you’ll be free to do your TBT project in whatever Dale colors your heart desires.)

Here’s my first recommendation, Dale #13801, an elegant, shawl-collared, ladies’ cardigan that could look perfectly at-home in the best Fall 2015 fashion mags:

Dale 13801 ladies' knit cardigan

Dale 13801. Originally knit in “Freestyle. I’d recommend their glorious, new alpaca / merino blend, “Cotinga“.

When coming up with substitutes for multiple colors in one project, I find I’m happiest in the end if I first stop to appreciate the conceptual framework that tied all of the original colors together, rather than merely focusing on each closest one-to-one color alternative.  The original #13801 used four shades of Freestyle worsted weight washable wool – a gradient of 3 related shades that ran from Natural 0020 (a warm off-white) to Sand (a light, yellowish beige) to Celery (a medium, ever-so-slightly greenish beige), with a medium-dark contrast, for that bold motif you see dancing around the bottom, from Grey Heather 0007.  Freestyle Natural and Grey Heather are still available, but Sand and Celery are long gone.  Here’s what I’d pick today, to get a similar vibe:

Dale Freestyle color choices for knitting Dale 13801

One possible current Freestyle colorway. The #s shown refer to the color #s in the pattern.

Running light to dark, we have the same Natural #0020 (Color 2, in the pattern, and on the card, above), Mushroom #2621 (Color 3), Sand Heather #0002 (Color 1 – it’ll be your trim color, too) and the same Grey Heather #0007 for Color 4 …or maybe 5651.  There’s really not another, deeper beige in Freestyle these days, but 0004 works in the same light-to-dark neutral gradient and I think that 0020, 0004, 2621 and 0007 could play nicely together.  Or, choose any other 4 Freestyle colors you like.  Here’s the entire Freestyle color card for 2015 – you tell me!  OR…

Want something really luxurious?  I’d choose Dale’s lovely, new “Cotinga”, a magnificently soft 30% alpaca / 70% fine merino blend in the very same worsted weight, 18sts over 4″ / 10cm.  Here are my Cotinga choices for another harmonious, neutral look:  Below, running light to dark, we have our beloved Natural 0020, more Mushroom 2621, a nice, rich Fawn 2643 (or you can use the same 0004 we have for Freestyle) and good, old Grey Heather 0007.  Or not.  Here’s the full Cotinga color card for 2015 – you’ll see quite a few different combinations of three that play nicely together and several nice contrasting shades – tell me what you think!

Sizing and measurements below.

Cotinga yarn

Dale 13801 sizing and yarn requirements for kit from Kidsknits.com

If you’d like to order the kit, you can either go right to my Kidsknits online shop to select your yarns and just add a note to your order that you’d like the free 13801 pattern, or you can email me at “mas AT kidsknits DOT com” or call my US toll-free number 1-877-63-3031 and I’ll help you directly.  Whatever is easiest. Have fun!


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One Response to TBT – What’s old is new again! Dale 13801 ladies’ cardigan

  1. Sandra David says:

    I love this idea! This particular sweater isn’t a style that’ll work for me, but it’s gorgeous. And your help with current yarn choices is a real bonus. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more over the summer.

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