Alpakka “Lilac” #4435 is back…for now

Dale Alpakka in Lilac 4435 Dale Garn’s lovely “Lilac 4435” Alpakka 100% alpaca yarn is back in stock at Kidsknits…for now. It’s been a tremendously popular color, and it’s a key shade in a recent design of mine.  It took me quite a while to get seven different shades, including Lilac 4435, to play nicely together in my “Gentle Hat” (below). Just as things started humming along, up popped the “D” word.  When they told me it was “Discontinued!”, I nearly fell off my chair!  Boy, was I ever happy when they told me I could still get three more bags of it!  🙂 Now, those of you awaiting your “Gentle Hat” kits, get your needles poised – they’re on their way. Those of you teetering on the brink of ordering, now’s the time to strike – sadly, lilacs don’t last forever.

UPDATE:  4/17/15 I just found out from the distributor that Lilac has been in such demand that Dale has done a second run of it and the distributor should have more of it shortly.  🙂 Yippee!!

Gentle Hat, a ladies' Fair Isle hat design, by Mary Ann Stephens.  Knitting kits in 100% alpaca available through

Gentle Hat


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Knitting designer, retailer and instructor specializing in Fair Isle, Norwegian and Textured charted knitting design. Began in 2002. In 2018, shuttered Kidsknits and began
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