Dale Garn Kids’ Book NR 309

Dale Garn’s new Kids’ Book #309 brings us six great designs for children aged 2 to 12 years old, including the traditional and ever-popular Norwegian “Fana” design, done with a modern twist: either round or raglan yokes, NO steeks.  (Of course, if you want a cardigan,  you know what to do! 😉 )

Dale of Norway / Dale Garn Kids Book NR 309

The ever-popular “Fana” design, as reworked in Dale Garn Kids Book NR 309, available at Kidsknits.com. Click the photo for details.

They’ve used Alpakka (light sport weight 100% alpaca) and Cotinga (a worsted weight 70% merino + 30% alpaca blend) for the designs in Book 309.

girls rounded yoke sweater with paper dolls

I can still remember those magical years when absolutely everything was perfect…as long as it was pink or purple!

I’ve used both of those yarns for a few projects lately and I can honestly say that you couldn’t ask for two more gorgeous yarns.  But, please remember that lovely Cotinga is “hand wash only“!  If you’re looking for more affordable &/or machine washable yarns, use Falk (their sport weight 100% superwash wool) in place of Alpakka and use Freestyle (Dale’s worsted weight 100% superwash wool) in place of Cotinga.

Click the link, below, to view their preview PDF, showing you photos of all of the designs in this sweet, new book:

Dale Garn Kids Book 309


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2 Responses to Dale Garn Kids’ Book NR 309

  1. Gorgeous. I love the “Fana” design, it is stunning and versatile.

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